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Working at ICUnet.Group

Let's make success global!

We are Orange!

Note: This is not an original recording. Video editing carried out in 03/2024 using artificial intelligence (RASK) with quality control carried out by native speakers.

Are you Orange?

What we offer

Gruppe von Menschen mit Orangen Luftballons auf einem Feld. Freude und Zusammengehörigkeit in der Natur.
Smart Climber 2024.
Smart Climber 2024

Testimonials from happy employees

Comments from the Orange Team

Matthias Würth, Managing Director ICUnet Austria.
Orange embodies a whole range of different values and attitudes. The topic of dedication is central. I enjoy working with people and for people. It is really important to me to achieve the best for our customers here and to go the extra mile.
Matthias Würth
Carina Stemplinger, ICUnet.Group-Standortleitung Hauzenberg.
At the latest when you first come into contact with the employees of ICUnet.Group, it becomes clear that their hearts are a bit orange. They all have the passion and the will to change something.
Carina Stemplinger
Katrin Breitenfellner, HR Generatlistin bei der ICUnet.Group.
The Orange Spirit is, like any spirit, difficult to grasp. I believe that all employees have their own definitions for it. For me, it is this "we" feeling. A team spirit that connects all employees with each other. That's where passion comes into play!
Katrin Breitenfellner
Lukas Techel, Account Manager bei der ICUnet.Group.
For me, being part of the Orange Family means being part of an organization with incredibly exciting people. We have people from all countries and cultures. Personally, I have grown immensely from my intercultural experiences. Travel and interculturalism are both the cause and the consequence of this growth. The ICUnet.Group enables me to call this growth my everyday life!
Lukas Techel
Samantha Bischof, Head of Digital Learning bei der ICUnet.Group.
The Orange Family distinguishs a lot, for example, our employees and customers bring a lot of heart and passion to their work. We are excited to create solutions and new things together with our motivated customers!
Samantha Bischof
Suryaa Pawar, Standortleitung der ICUnet.Group in Indien.
The color orange plays a very important role in my home country of India. It is part of our flag and thus our identity. The color means courage, which is also true of the ICUnet Group. I think it is the courage that drives the ICUnet Group forward and makes the company grow.
Suryaa Pawar
Christian Barycki, Auszubildender bei der ICUnet.Group.
I enjoy dealing with people. That's why I never get bored at work! I'm happy every day: I get up in a good mood and go home in a good mood too!
Christian Barycki
Julia Bindrich, Geschäftsführerin der ICU Business Consulting GmbH.
Orange means for me to work with passion and full commitment, in order to always inspire the customer - no matter where in the world - with that special something.
Julia Bindrich
Jana Wetter, HR Administration, ICUnet.Group.
I am Orange because I am modern and I don't want to stand still. I get along very well with other people and I can integrate very well. I just feel comfortable in this Orange Family!
Jana Wetter
Andrej Koller, Auszubildender bei der ICUnet.Group.
Orange has quite a positive effect on me, it awakens a spirit of discovery in me. It invites you to come up with new ideas and increases the urge to develop. I particularly like that.
Andrej Koller
Justyna Hackmann, Client Service Delivery Manager & Teamlead.
The Orange Spirit is relatively difficult to explain, I believe everyone understands it differently! For me, it means solidarity and diversity, which we live at ICUnet.Group. Everyone feels comfortable here and supports each other.
Justyna Hackmann
Ramona Graf.
Orange is not just a color, but an attitude and a basic attitude. Orange is togetherness, for each other and not against each other. It is really a way of life! You have to feel the Orange Spirit and live it too!
Ramona Graf
Auszubildende bei der ICUnet.Group.
Why am I Orange? For me Orange is a personal sense of joy. And I'm Orange because I have this sense of joy every time I come to work.
Fatima Abduhakim Mohamud

Beate Kuhlbrodt

Head of People and Culture & Contact for Permanent Positions

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