Global mover – destination setup worldwide, Viessmann

The system provider for internationalization assists an internationally leading manufacturer of heating systems: Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG

About Viessmann

The Viessmann Group is an internationally leading manufacturer of heating systems. Founded in 1917, the family-owned company employs roughly 10,600 people and generates Group sales of 1.89 billion euros.

With 27 production companies in 11 countries, distributors and representatives in 74 countries as well as sales outlets in 120 countries, Viessmann has a clear international focus. 54 percent of sales are generated outside of Germany.

The international challenges faced by Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG

Establishing a profitable production site in Manisa, Turkey presented the company with numerous crucial international challenges: How does the Turkish personnel market work? What legal issues need to be considered? What do Turkish employees find important? How does one identify optimal applicants – and where does one find them? And how does one establish and maintain an integrated corporate philosophy? The goal of the project was to develop a functional site in Turkey with 3 managers, 19 specialists, 100 employees and 60 production employees that have internalized the corporate philosophy and know how to handle intercultural hurdles – all within 18 months.

The system solution from icunet

icunet developed a full-service solution for Viessmann founded on the following pillars:

  • A study on the job environment in Turkey
  • Applicant selection
  • Support for the visa process
  • Kick-off event incl. intercultural qualification in Battenberg
  • Preliminary event to the recruiting event in Manisa
  • Recruiting event in Manisa including assessment center
  • Arrival of 30 workers in Allendorf
  • Arrivals from Germany

The result

icunet's professional intercultural consulting, along with its qualification measures and coordinated assignment management, played a crucial role in the successful development of the Turkish site for Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG. The site meets the latest requirements in efficiency, sustainability and lean management. Today it is operated by a stable team that manufactures at an extremely high qualitative level. All planning objectives were successfully implemented from the start of the project onwards. The company managed to break down reservations regarding the foreign culture in Germany and successfully assimilated the Turkish colleagues into the team. Lasting friendships arose from the Manisa project and it is regarded positively throughout the entire company.

"icunet has excellent contacts in the Turkish market. Even our toughest questions and issues were quickly solved thanks to their outstanding network. They have a contact for any and every subject and a very broad portfolio of offers."

Stefan Burkart, Head of HR Management at Viessmann Werke Allendorf GmbH