A passionate Team

A clear vision with the right feeling for trends and high innovative power: The team of Icunet Consulting India Private Ltd. provides high quality services for clients in India and Southeast Asia.

Dr. Vendula Knopfova
Icunet Consulting India Private Limited

Managing Director India & SEA

+91 83369 58440

I am building the icunet presence in India and South SEA to support local and international companies meet the demands and overcome challenges in a global working environment. I provide tailored solutions for individual as well as organisational development including training and coaching measures, leadership developments programs, global assignments etc., to achieve ideal set up and skills necessary for successful cooperation with international clients, stakeholders or colleagues.

Due to my technical background and broad spectrum of international experiences, I have gained inside into different industries, cultures and organizational structures which I am utilising today to develop adequate solutions for our clients. I am a Czech citizen and have lived and worked in ten different countries, e.g. Germany, Russia, Japan, USA, China and India and speak the local languages.

Zubin Rashid
Icunet Consulting India Private Limited

Head of Consulting - India & SEA ​

+91 98303 49854

With more than 17 years in the fields of entrepreneurship, learning and development, marketing and business consulting, my role is to lead the consulting services of icunet in India and South East Asia.

I specialise in providing solutions for organisations and teams in intercultural related challenges. From JVs to M&As, from teams working virtually across the globe to expats facing challenges in a new country and culture, my consulting role covers a wide array of intercultural problem solving.

In my previous experiences I have led both operational functions as well as had strategic roles, and have supported many multinationals in people development initiatives.